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Leslie speaker replacement spares, accessories and leads.


Leslie electrical spares (14)

Leslie Fitting Kits (4)

Leslie mechanical spares (6)

Leslie speaker leads. (6)

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(Quick Find Code: PENNY)
SES£ 0.01View/Order
leslie_o_ring_thm.jpgMotor 'O' Ring - Leslie
(Quick Find Code: LTOR1)
SES£ 3.50View/Order
leslie_bearing_thm.jpgLeslie speaker - bearing
(Quick Find Code: LBRG1)
Leslie£ 11.00View/Order
can_cap_thm.jpgLeslie Multi-Tap Can Capacitor
(Quick Find Code: LCANCAP01)
Leslie£ 53.50View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (5m) - 9pin
(Quick Find Code: LC95)
SES£ 75.00View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (5m) - 6pin
(Quick Find Code: LC65)
SES£ 75.00View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (5m) - 11pin
(Quick Find Code: LC115)
SES£ 75.00View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (10m) - 9pin
(Quick Find Code: LC910)
SES£ 85.00View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (10m) - 6pin
(Quick Find Code: LC610)
SES£ 85.00View/Order
leslie_lead_thm.jpgLeslie Lead (10m) - 11pin
(Quick Find Code: LC1110)
SES£ 85.00View/Order
147rely_thm.jpgLeslie Fast/Slow relay - 250V
(Quick Find Code: LRL250)
Leslie£ 14.00View/Order
147rely_thm.jpgLeslie Fast/Slow relay - 115V
(Quick Find Code: LRL115)
Leslie£ 14.00View/Order
leslie_6_pin_plug_thm.jpgLeslie 9 pin connector (Male)
(Quick Find Code: LC9M)
Leslie£ 16.00View/Order
Leslie 9 Pin Con Fem.jpgLeslie 9 pin connector (Female)
(Quick Find Code: LC9F)
Leslie£ 30.00View/Order
leslie_6_pin_plug_thm.jpgLeslie 6 pin connector (Male)
(Quick Find Code: LC6M)
Leslie£ 16.00View/Order
6pin_female_thm.jpgLeslie 6 pin connector (Female)
(Quick Find Code: LC6F)
Leslie£ 16.00View/Order
leslie output.JPGLeslie 145/147 Output Transformer
(Quick Find Code: SES2965)
SES£ 105.00View/Order
leslie_fit_kit_2sw_thm.jpgLeslie 145/147 - single channel fitting kit
(Quick Find Code: L1FK145)
SES£ 174.00View/Order
leslie power.JPGLeslie 145, 147 Power Transformer
(Quick Find Code: SES2936)
SES£ 125.00View/Order
leslie_6_pin_plug_thm.jpgLeslie 11 pin connector (Male)
(Quick Find Code: LC11M)
Leslie£ 16.00View/Order
leslie_6_pin_plug_thm.jpgLeslie 11 pin connector (Female)
(Quick Find Code: LC11F)
Leslie£ 16.00View/Order
leslie_fit_kit_2sw_thm.jpgLeslie - 9 pin to 6pin (Leslie 145/7) converter
(Quick Find Code: L9FK145)
SES£ 159.00View/Order
leslie_fit_kit_2sw_thm.jpgLeslie - 2 Channel fitting kit.
(Quick Find Code: L2FK9)
SES£ 174.00View/Order
leslie_fit_kit_2sw_thm.jpgLeslie - 11 pin to 6pin adapter.
(Quick Find Code: L11FK145)
SES£ 258.00View/Order
Halfmoon Switch Label Chorale off Tremolo.JPGhalfmoon switch label tremolo/off/chorale
(Quick Find Code: LAB2)
SES£ 3.50View/Order
Halfmoon Switch Label Chorale tremolo.JPGhalfmoon switch label tremolo/chorale
(Quick Find Code: LAB1)
SES£ 3.50View/Order
halfmoon switch label main/ensamble/echo
(Quick Find Code: LAB3)
SES£ 3.50View/Order
les_con_shroud_thm.jpgConnector Shroud
(Quick Find Code: LCSHR)
Leslie£ 14.40View/Order
leslie_conn_plate_thm.jpgChassis Plate
(Quick Find Code: LCCP)
Leslie£ 4.25View/Order
bottom rotor bearing rubber gromets
(Quick Find Code: BRG1)
SES£ 2.25View/Order

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£ 0.00

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halfmoon switch label tremolo/off/chorale
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